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Foshan Dachuan Machinery Co.,Ltd


Walking into Dachuan,you will find that the national flag and company flag are waving in the wind,flowers are blooming in the garden,fishes are swimming freely in the pond.Beside,the office building,dormitory building and plants are well-proportioned,the steps of the crowd are in a hurry,the sound of machines are vibrant...Such beautiful circumstances making you feel cheerful,passionate,stimulating.Here it is,Dachuan.Ten years’effort since the invention of dual fluency conversion,it has been a well-known and comprehensive enterprise in the field of packaging,which is a garden-type modernization enterprise.

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Dachuan's mission
first-class equipments that can replace manpower and improve efficiency!
Packaging is technology
e are expert at our ling since we know our goods well!
Packaging is art
Create more value for customers with higher quality!
Packaging is emotion
Drips can be a small stream while unity is strength!
We provide first-class equipment and high-quality service
Food machinery Automatic feeding packaging system Horizontal packaging machine series Tissue machine series Vertical packaging machine series Vertical automatic packaging system Pre-made Bag Packing Machine Series Shrink Packaging Machine Series Auxiliary equipment
DJ-22 full automatic egg rolls prod…
DZ-8R Seaweed?roll?machine
DC-2000X full?automatic?packaging…
DF-900W reciprocating?double?serv…
DCWT-450 Full automatic single piec…
DC-4230Y Integrated?automatic?wei…
DG-1-200 Single station p…
DC-350XS、450XS 3Servo?down?paper…
DRB-770 Continuous Band S…
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On site video of food packaging machinery
Automatic packaging series Horizontal packaging machine series Vertical packaging machine series Egg roll machine
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Understand the latest trends and professional knowledge of food packaging machinery industry
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